Dr. Robert Dirksen

Dr Rob DirksenDr. Robert Dirksen studied traditional medicine at Nova Southeastern school of optometry and graduated in 2002.  He opened his optometric practice after moving to Los Angeles that same year.

Dr. Dirksen became frustrated that he wasn’t able to bring more healing to his sick patients.  Many had diseases like diabetes that damaged the eyes and although laser surgery could sometimes prevent immediate vision loss, it did not get to the root of the problem.  It seemed that many doctors were so focused on their specialty that they lost sight of the whole person.  It seemed they forgot that the eye was connected to the rest of the body.

Dr. Dirksen decided to study and research other modalities in healing that weren’t taught in medical school.     He also studied the works of Edgar Cayce, Linus Pauling, The Essenes, Hanna Kroeger and many others and found that there was another way to heal the body.  Essential the body will naturally heal itself if the body is given what it needs to bring alignment.

Dr. Dirksen found that to really address the physical ailments of his patients he needed to look at the whole person: mind, body and spirit.  If one of these were out of alignment disease eventually would result.   It’s possible that if a person is emotionally “out of wack” even all the dieting and exercise in the world won’t bring permanent weight loss.  However, sometimes something as simple as changing an unhealthy mental recording can bring about a drastic change in the physical body.

Dr. Dirksen still practices traditional optometry and he also is a personal coach for those who are interested in bringing wellness to their mind, body and spirit.

Dr Rob Dirksen